What kind of thinker are you?

Mark Boncheck and Elisa Steele wrote a very interesting article in HBR  which was published in November (11/23/15) and made the top HBR articles of the year list.  Was 2016  the Year that thinking style went mainstream?   I am still waiting…, so still a ways to go!

What Kind of Thinker Are You?

As a reference for ‘how you personally think’ they refer to Carson Tate’s work on defining your personal productivity style – which to me was helpful but slightly misaligned to establishing your personal thinking style. Her core styles  – are you a – Planner;  Arranger; Prioritizer; Visualizer.  they all certainly all different and prefer different thinking styles my view is they lack the dimension of theory – dreams – desires – relationships.

Match Your Productivity Approach to the Way You Work

So my challenge, which I would value your support, on is how would my EZOG research map to their goal of preparing teams to perform better by a better understanding and accurate analysis/self discovery of the team members thinking style.

In the 4*2 grid proposed by Boncheck and Steele, they 2 types of Orientation: detail and big picture to differentiate the 4 groups of Focus (Ideas – Explorer/expert) (Process – Planner/Optimizer) (Action – Energizer/producer) (Relationships – Connector/Coach)   Interestingly the correlation between the 4 groups and the EZOG 4 styles map very well..

Visionary – Ideas; Builder – Action; Architect – Process; Cultivator – Relationships

Is Focus more or less flexible than orientation can we freely choose or are we naturally inclined?

One Quote that really resonates is: ” when you know your natural thinking style you know what energizes you”

The challenge  I see is self section of a box is quick and ‘easy’ but unlikely to discover how you really think, which will be well hidden behind how you think you should think! What Leader is going to not select a preference for the Big Picture?  We have discovered many self selected Visionaries who are really Builders and visa versa.

Interesting stuff…and professional fuel to my thinking style research.