Journey to Genius

What I learned in January.

Mimosa brightening up our fireplace.

In January 2019 I learned the Mimosa was not just a Drink and brings added color to break through the winter blues. This is especially if you are lucky enough to travel to the south of France and can enjoy the vista. If you are not, the OJ and fizz version will probably help too!

I also leaned that without perseverance and tenacity things you want to happen probably won’t.

If it’s worth doing persevere.

Since the middle of last year I have been looking to engage the online community who talk about the #zoneofgenius to exchange ideas and offer a center of reflection and excellence to help others spend more time in their respective zone’s. Early in January a causal conversation prompted me to revise this ambition and try setting up an online group in a neutral space and as a pilot I chose – LinkedIn.

Already active as a member of numerous LinkedIn groups I was familiar with the mechanics but confronted with:

  • What should I call the group?
  • How can I promote a new group, inviting friends and others?
  • How can I best stimulate discussion?
  • How long will it take?
  • Is LinkedIn the best option?

Still looking for feedback and opportunities to improve these were my initial decisions.

  • Zone of genius collaborators
  • Send invitations (30+ sent – 15 accepted so far)
  • Make a few posts, 1 comment! and invite feedback
  • learned that i need patience and perseverance.
  • If it works yes. Waiting for more feedback.

Join the Zone of Genius Collaborators Group. Here

My assumption was if I invited people to join and they did they would read or write or provide feedback in some other way. I was delighted that some of my invitations were accepted, but disappointed that in a group I set up for others I am almost the only participant – so far….hence the lesson in perseverance.

Like many as I outlined in previous posts, (‘New Years resolutions – Yes Please‘ and ‘Planning ahead for 2019‘ I do believe in setting new goals and objectives for the new year. I try and find some easy things that I can get started with, and then as the year progresses refine and adapt to Life and feedback.

How are you doing so far on your 2019 goals?

What lessons have you learned that you are willing to share?

Wishing you all well on your Journey to Genius, cheers.