Journey to Genius

Turn your Brain ON!

Turn you brain on, well of course what I really mean is use it smarter.  Our brains are only a small part of our complex body and yet they have control and consume a lot of energy.  In reality they control us much more than we control them but that does not mean we can’t help.


In our thinking style research we continue to be excited at how focusing on and spending more time operating in your Zone of Genius thinking style, is like giving yourself permission to make life easier and more productive at the same time.

If we accept that we have conscious and subconscious capabilities then it is reasonable to assume some of the conscious things we choose to focus on will also empower our subconscious. This in a positive way would present as flow and in a negative way as stress.

My personal transition was moving out of sales activities and into online marketing, as a cultivator being social is ‘easy’ for me and doing it online effective. Its is meant to be ‘social media after all. I operate numerous voices on Twitter and other channels please connect.  @myzoneofgenius @comhunicate @startupmentor are 3 good options!

Life will always present us with stress and its our choice to let it in and how we manage it, on the other hand we have to do the work, turn our brains on,  to achieve flow. Abraham Maslow described it in ’50’s  as Self Actuatization in his theory on the hierarchy of needs: (wikipedia). For others it becomes the call to attain ones life purpose, and many more are writing about about a ‘Zone of Genius.’ Gay Hendricks has inspired thousands with his work and popularized the logic of attaining and spending time in our Zone of genius as highly preferable to spending time on our zone of incompetence!

What do you think?

Please share how you turn your brain ON?


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