Journey to Genius

Team dynamics.

Right handed – left handed? Doesn’t matter – good to know!

What happens when a team or group of people all discover their zone of genius? How do they work towards their personal and team zone of genus at the same time?

It rarely starts with everyone one saying “hey let’s discover how we all think!” It usually starts with one individual learning more about themselves and being motivated to encourage the team to participate is what is often presented as an experiment, with a combination of 4 likely outcomes.

  • Loves their result  – shares how it empowers them.  
  • Likes the result  –  explores how it challenges them.
  • Lives with the results  –  moves on.
  • Loathes – or – ignores the result.

Great everyone takes the assessment and not everyone likes their result, so a few will retake the test until they either live with the answer they get, or get the answer they can live with.  My opinion is it’s OK, as when you are competing with yourself, you are always right!  Be advised that on the team playing field if a right handed person plays a left handed game it is usually very easy for others to spot and rarely will their performance be exceptional.

At an individual level its your journey, my advice is own it, find ways of participating with the team and doing your assignments in a way that utilizes you talents, and encourage you management to allow this to happen.

Confirm with yourself your style, own your natural talents.

As a team discuss the results, for some it will be expected and others a surprise. This is not an assessment of capability, just thinking style and all the diversity and differences need to be embraced. Our experience is in a company or department two zones often dominate!  The opportunity to let thinkers on the edges of the team norms bring added value can and should be explored. We understand how a CEO or senior manager, attracts or is attracted to people who think like they do, this is the right result for assigned tasks and usually not ideal for rapid growth or implementing change. Adaptability to a dynamic situation is usually improved where diversity is embraced and even sought to ultimately deliver more robust success.

Embrace diversity.

STEP 1. How many Builders? How many Cultivators? How many Visionaries? How many Cultivators?

 STEP 2. Clear styles –  if the second score is 10 points less than the first its a cleaner indicator, redo the ‘How many” count and see how this effects the Numbers. What changed? Are all thinking styles represented?  What bias is showing?

STEP 3. Team score: Add up all of the individual scores in a team to get an idea of how the team thinks – average scores are 65 +/-5.

Sum individual styles/cores and see how the team thinks.

Every team that discusses the individuality of the members and embraces diversity and talent will make rapid progress. If this proves challenging the team should try to provide opportunities for individuals to spend more time in their zone of genius by sharing workload accordingly.

Let individuals dazzle the team with their genius.

In an organization doing a good job is rewarded, and doing a job differently is typically not. Seek opportunities to change this.

Celebrate successful outcomes and happy employees.

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