Journey to Genius

Style vs Ability

Do we need other people to tell us what we can and can not do?   I love the Henry Ford Quote – Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right!

We certainly influence our ability and accomplishments by our thoughts and embracing your thinking ‘style’ is absolutely nothing to do with your ability or what you can and will accomplish!  Style is flow when you appear naturally to perform at a level noticed by others and does not define what you are performing.

Style = How you do it NOT what you do.  (The color not the brush)

Accomplishing and aligning activities and assignments to embrace your style is how more is done for less – less time – less energy – less stress. At the same time undertaking tasks aligned to your ability can often have similar positive outcomes. Trying to do something new can be exciting engaging and also frustrating, however if you try and do it in a way/style that draws on your #zoneofgenius you are likely to succeed.

The big question does often arise though, ‘ I have discovered my thinking style how do I apply this to the tasks in hand?’  Please let me share a personal example.  Here I am typing out a new blog post and its  ‘work’ I do not enjoy but it is something I can do. To embrace my Cultivator style I need to find creative ways to share my ideas and solicit feedback. Just simply repositioning the assignment to be a share and feedback one helps. Then I need to find relative content so that i can engage a wider audience and ultimately solicit more feedback. I will find some relevant # on social media on style like #doityourway and then use the article to reach out to a broader global community for engagement.

So success can be carried just as easily by style as ability and sadly we typically spend lots more energy on what to do vs how to do it, please find at least one thing on your todo list that can be an style experiment and go for it…#doityourway.

cheers   Michael