Journey to Genius

Stop yourself from going nuts! Work in your Zone of Genius.

Thinking ahead – What are you going to do to stop yourself going nuts?

Our Brain’s are amazing and they are all wired differently. When we pay attention and use our natural alignments everything is fast and efficient, when we apply mental pressure, and get misaligned between what we are doing and what we think we should be doing, the brain starts going ‘Nuts’!

Ok so I do like Pistachio’s I ate all of these… and I was on a quest for a ‘Brain’ picture that communicates…. so at least give me points for trying…..or should you?

Is it my failure/success or yours that this image does or does not communicate?

Yes your right…..!

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”
-Henry Ford

This is the crux of a focus on #zoneofGenius thinking style – I think like me… and you think like you.

Knowing how I think is a big help and knowing/guessing how you think some help. Like using MBTI (Myers briggs type indicator – profiling to reduce friction me focusing on you, without feedback, will be a guess and I am potentially playing a win/lose game. I will always be better of spending my time focused on my zone of genius, what I know and what I think you might appreciate, especially inviting feedback is a win -win strategy.

I want to communicate clearly to others, I need to find an image to support my message, I need to keep it light and ideally humorous. RESULT – it was quicker (15 min ) to build my own image than wade through lots of google images that were OK but failed to clearly communicate what I wanted to say (45 min). This is zone of genius thinking – find a way that suits you, using your talents to address a need, and it will typically be at least twice as fast, more fun, more personal, and more effective.

With now over 10,000 results in the ‘myezog’ data base the analysis keep repeating the same information, we are all unique and we do have unique thinking styles that have a tendency (75%) to fall into one of 4 discernible thinking styles (Visionary/Architect/Builder/Cultivator). The other 25% are combination styles.

Every day I wake up and find ways to do what needs doing in a way that suits my EZOG thinking style (Cultivator).

Did you spend time in your Zone of genius today?…….If not Why not?

Feedback fuels success – please lavish me with yours.

Michael Potts @myzoneofgenius

PS: It appears eating all those Pistachio’s also contributed to my Brain Health.


Study finds consuming nuts strengthens brainwave function

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