Self assessment is just that.

In a business world there are hundreds of examples where you have to be able to measure performance in some way in order to perform. In sports we measure, points, time, distance etc. In a self assessment we are taking a picture of ourself and its a choice do you study the camera or do you study the image.

This dilemma is well known and yet in her recent article Self reports spur self reflection in the MIT sloan review Angela Duckworth (who’s passion has been measuring the quality ‘Grit’ ends saying.

“If self-awareness illuminates the path to self-development, a questionnaire is a good place to begin.”

Angela Duckworth @angeladuckw
Founder & CEO of @thecharacterlab. Professor at @
. Author of “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance”


In the #EZOG assessment we measure which style of response you prefer in different situations and then add up the preferences into 4 scores where the most points indicate the most preferred style of response.

In the early days there were lots of discussions and reflection on the validity, reliability and repeatability of our assessment. Now in 2019 with over 10,000 results and hundreds of validating discussions we simply conclude. You are who you are, you know yourself better than anyone else, and you can apply self reflection to assist you on your journey to self actualization or not.

In taking our assessment you are spending a very important 15 minutes reflecting on what is intuitive to you. Then we compute and score your intuitively into 4 zones and publish a result. Some people

In a self assessment the goal is to learn more about yourself.

I know your result – what I would also highly value is your reflections – please email me.