Journey to Genius

Planning ahead for 2021

Every year I reflect on the progress I make, and adapt my plan for the future. The plans themselves require continuous updating and rarely work out perfectly, I forgot to include pandemic planning in the 2020 plan! yet I always find the exercise of planning both focusing and motivating. My daily goal continues to be to spend more time in my zone of genius as a Cultivator. I have to be creative and focused to find and embrace ways new to connect with others and help them.

The positive results of 1000’s of participants is encouraging me to keep doing more. It is now December 2020 and I am excited about celebrating all the progress and exploring the  new opportunities 2021 is going to bring.

Change is always inevitable so I seek it out, embrace it early, and position myself for a leveraged position to maximize my zone of genius.  How?

Seven steps to embrace change and your Zone of Genius:

  1. Look for something significant that is changing around you and that you care about.
  2. Ask yourself what outcome in an ideal world would be a win-win scenario. Write it down as a ‘word’ a ‘sentence’ and a ‘paragraph.’
  3. Imagine that outcome and what role and activities it would mean for you. Look for ways to start doing them immediately, focus on the ‘word’.
  4. Build relationships with people you see supporting the win-win scenario you envisage and ask them to suggest improvements.
  5. Plan creative way to, measure (Builder/Architects)  or assess (Visionary/Cultivators)  both qualitatively and quantitively. 
  6. Review ‘3’. – ‘immediate activities aligned to win win outcomes’ pick and prioritize the one that allows you to connect best with your zone of genius style.
  7. Seek out opportunities to celebrate the progress and regularly loop back from 2 – 6.

What this looked like for me in 2020.

  1. The Paris accord is back in focus with 2 degrees sadly almost inevitable we all need to do more!
  2. Using my skills to help others while they are still relevant!
  3. Working online is always changing so I look for new ways to help others.
  4. Thank you to Erik at ‘beantrust’ for sharing the journey with me and letting me help.
  5. Always looking for collaborations in new places with new people who complement my thinking style.
  6. Promote new business in France !
  7. Thank you to everyone for your support friendship and sharing.

I look forward to hearing about some of yours and how I can help.

cheers  Michael