New Year Resolutions – Yes Please.

Setting goals is looking into the future. It is always a useful experience as it forces you first to think about your future and then take a leap of faith and imagine the future you want. In doing so you will be in some way making plans to move the needle forward in the right direction. Looking into your colorful future is not easy and life rarely delivers certainties, so it doesn’t matter when you set them, and as a traditionalist I like using the annual restart it is as good a time as any.

I have habitually written down and set myself a few ‘goals’ in 3 main categories. and every goal challenge has to have a why with a measurable outcome. I try and set all SMART goals, (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)

  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Health
  • Collaborations

I was introduced in my 30’s to the concept that my career was my responsibility and if I left it to others it would be their career not mine. Thirty + years later I no longer have career goals just the pursuit of what I consider to be worthwhile activities – like helping you and 1000’s more people discover their zone of genius thinking style. I invite and listen to feedback and if my pursuits are not worthwhile for others, I usually tweak them till they are.

I used to set personal challenges like, paint a picture worth hanging on a wall or increase my typing speed by 10 words per minute, or walk 10,000 steps every day for a year! Some I enjoyed achieving others appeared on the annual list a few years in a row before I learned that setting the same goal repeatedly is basically futile!

So my proposal is you take some reflection time and set new SMART goals.  To be honest I have written a few times ‘spend more time in my zone of genius.’ This has morphed into find a new creative way to collaborate on zone of Genius exchanges. Last years challenge resulted in this site, blog and todays post.

My 5 top tips for setting goals.

  1. Write them down.
  2. Rewrite them  – SMART – with a why and how you will measure success.
  3. Combine personal and professional ones where you can.
  4. Make a plan of both how you will start them and make the time necessary to continue.
  5. Decide what you are going to STOP  or NOT do in order to make room for all the things you are going to focus!

As the Calendar moves perpetually forward I am excited what this new year will bring. In 2017, I shared 2 posts, in 2018 I managed 20+ and in 2019 I am committed to at least doubling quantity, reach and engagement. I am ready to help you on your goals and you can help me by sharing your zone of genius discoveries with me and with others.

Happy new Year