Journey to Genius

Life is a journey. Focusing on the destination has limits –so a better choice is to focus on the journey.

My name is Michael Potts (linkedin). By understanding our journey we hope to help you on yours! Along the way, we will be providing useful tools and support as they become available.

The infographic below shows how the entrepreneurial zone of genius (#EZOG) journey grew and flourished, doubling from 2-3 assessments taken a day in year one to over 3000 assessment results by the end of year two. Since the start, it has averaged 3 a day, with the biggest week yielding over 300 EZOG assessments. Currently an average month yields 150 results.

How did it really start? Let me take you back to a fateful day in February 2011.  My business partner Brian Tsuchiya (linkedin) was discussing with me over the phone a coaching session he had just finished, and explaining how so often he found individuals limiting themselves by their polarized thinking. He mentioned how he regularly sees four different types of thinkers, and so often they just don’t know what their core thinking style or talents are.

I asked about the four types and he described them as: dreamers, doers, thinkers and people pleasers. I was fascinated, but a google search revealed nothing, so in my next conversation I asked where he had found this enlightening information. The response was:  it’s observed – obviously! Brian is a visionary, and so often what is ‘obvious’ to a visionary is far less so to the rest of us, and sometimes even less so to other visionaries.

Brian and I have many common values and assign importance to many of the same things, so we are similar in many ways. Yet we clearly think differently. Numerology, another talent and passion of Brian’s is grounded in the premise that we are all on a pre-determined path. His favorite reference about this is: ‘The life you were born to lead “- Dan Millman. 

Thus, began the search to help people learn about their unique thinking style, and how best to use it to operate in their zone of genius — “the life they were born to lead.”

Analysis of the different data sets has clarified what thinking styles/results are common and which are rare. We now recognize 25% of the population as having a style across two or more zones. The most common style of test takers continues to be Visionaries – and the rarest, Cultivators.


Analysis in 2018 (10,000)