Not the same and helpful in different ways, below is a personal comparison.

Following on from the pioneering work on archetypes and analytical psychology by Carl Jung in early 1900’s….there have been lots of ‘Personality’ assessments born. The Myres Briggs temperament indicator (MBTI) has certainly passed the test of time with millions of assessments since its early post war launched in late 1940’s. They describe their purpose as : (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives

My MBTI style is INTJ – 

More recently DISC has been popular certainly within organizations as it aligns  people in again both the who you are and how to deal with others space.  They define the purpose of the instrument as ”  a non-judgmental tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences.”

My Disc Profile is – (Steadiness) 

With EZOG our purpose is to less focus on all types of personality and more uneath individual core thinking competency. Taking this approach enables the participant to explore similarities and differences and at the same time encourages them to leverage their natural talents.

My EZOG is Cultivator.

Prior to embarking on my ‘Journey to Genius’ what we call spending more time in your zone of genius thinking style, I was operationally focused on what I could do – (Builder) trying to find ways to do it smarter (Architect) and aligning my activities to a bigger purpose (Visionary). I still get up every morning and seek creative ways to accomplish things and my focus is now always how to do so by engaging others (cultivator).  

My personal experience was the MBTI helped explain we are all different and type classification has competitive pro’s and con’. Also the interaction between types can be managed to reduce the natural friction of ‘differences.’ With Disc I  understood where I was comfortable is different to where others re comfortable and working in an organization informs on how to reduce stress by being more accepting of others. EZOG was giving me permission to spend more of the rest of my life doing things is a way that felt more natural.

My challenge to you is explore your personality and explore your thinking style. Many of us have both natural and ‘learned’ styles or ‘False traits seek out the natural ones. Next  don’t necessarily limit your activities, although working on your zone of incompetence is a fools errand! but do seek to find creative ways to accomplish more and spend more time actively aligned to your natural talents.  

Turn your brian on – and please send feedback  – Michael