Decision making and thinking styles – Cynefin framework

Dave Snowdon back in 1999 whilst working for IBM published the very insightful ( even if the name is a bit of a mouthful) framework for decision making. (wikipedia)

Frame the problem then use the appropriate thinking style to address and resolve it.

Donald Snowdon
Framing decision types

Looking at this, from a zone of genius thinking style approach, I see the obviousness of letting people who think differently, solve problems structured in the 4 different ways aligned to their thinking style: the 5th type of problem disorder in my option is best left to a team to address.

Leave the obvious ones to the ‘Builders’, engage the Architect with the complicated ones, invite the Cultivators to grasp the complex, with chaotic ones best left to Visionaries who revel in this space.

I have observed this process working extremely well in real world situations and encourage those of you who work in organizations or collaborations to first define and assign problems, rather that just trying to immediately solve them yourself….you may not be the best brain to solve this, if its outside your #zoneofgenius.



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