In an organization the Entrepreneurial Zone of Genius assessment plays two key roles:

  1. Empowers individuals to accelerate on their own “journey to genius” — to get their work done better and faster, and with more fun.
  2. Helps align company resources to strategic objectives, and balances out individual skill sets within teams — to achieve optimal success.

How does this work? – Everyone takes the assessment and shares their own “Zone” (entrepreneurial style) results within the organization.

  • Not necessarily the numeric scores but definitely the result (e.g., “Cultivator,” “Builder,” “Cultivator/Visionary”); and if they don’t like the result they get from the test, they are empowered to rename it or even wear a different label, and/or retake the assessment. Also note: 30% of assessment-takers are likely to be strong in more than just one zone area, so they also get to choose which zone they prefer to share with the group and adopt.
  • The importance is that people think about “how they think,” and choose to align themselves to a particular thinking-style (“zone”) that feels natural to them. It’s not cheating if the only person you are really competing with is yourself.

2. Cohort or team analysis.  

By simply adding up all of the scores and dividing by the number of participants you get insight into any bias in the group. However, the larger the number of participants, the less likely this is to happen. Normalized scores are 66 +/- 3; anything over 70 or below 60 would represent a clear bias. In a department a bias could be expected comparing say HR with operations. Across a whole division/company its less likely.

Next look at the number of people clearly in each group, at each level is there dimension across zones or is there a clear dominance of one or two zones? Neither is good or bad, just something to be discussed, acknowledged and worked with.  Over time some diversity of zones (‘thinking styles’) within the group is usually added value.

Discuss – share – reflect and then decide what you are going to do differently (e.g., try different ways of operating, assign tasks according to a person’s zone(s), change team makeup, etc.).

Package offerings – 

Benefits – One transaction, professional support, maximize value


Provide individuals with reports and basic feedback, provide coordinator with  basic cohort assessment and feedback   Cost : $250 ( for first 10,  $50 for incremental units of 10)


Pre brief with facilitator/coordinator documents and slides as well as personal feedback on their ezog (30min) –  process same as pilot  – followed by post event (1hr) webinar/conference call to present cohort assessment, discuss, answer questions and establish some concrete nest steps.       Cost: $500 ( for first 10, $75 for incremental units of 10)


Workshop preparation, strategy interview and program preparation and coordination with participants. Half day workshop to accelerate groups of max 12 on their personal journey to genius and organizational alignment.  $2500 per workshop + travel expenses. ( larger and multiple group options)