Journey to Genius

Change is tough – ask the toilet roll!

In a simple view there is typically no physical barrier to changing a behavior but its still tough!   Some say we are limited by our will power, some say our subconscious control is supernatural…and I say all you have to do is imagine it that is possible.

Environment has a controlling element,  you can walk in the rain but you can’t drive if you don’t have access to a car!

Emotion/motivation is important, if you don’t care then it won’t matter and even if you do it once for the heck of it you will easily decide the ‘old’ way was better.

Ok to run a marathon takes training and time… but lets face it the toilet roll!…if you are a lifetimer of  ‘over- the -top’ it is not going to kill you to do it the RIGHT way of under?   Toilet paper orientation…:)

Imagine it find a physical way to start and be open to new experiences…

I also have a similar pragmatic approach to changing habit’s … yes they can be changed.  Again  simple view of a habit has three key elements a trigger: an activity : a reward  so all you have to do is modify one of the 3!   amazingly one is enough and the barrier is usually because you imagine all 3 have to be changed.   Start really small, integrate it into your routine and be persistent after 30 days you will have a modified habit – congratulate yourself.

Want to change your behavior….1. imagine doing it….clarify the benefits of doing it…establish a practical and ‘manageable’ way to start – pick a good time…(without procrastinating or undue delay)  then  Just Do It.

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