Journey to Genius

A Visionary Thinking style?

That all seeing eye does it really see everything.  I am NOT a visionary business partner Brian is, my wife is, and I am SO happy not to have a visionary thinking style…why?

It is such a wonderful byline…I am a Visionary thinker …and some even add it to their linkedIN profile! The challenge is it’s a lot to live up to. Also just because you have a Visionary thinking style does not automatically make you a visionary! You are likely to be creative, have lots of ideas and they may not be good ones. We can all name a few real ‘Visionaries.’ There are are thousands more we can not. Whether you have a visionary thinking style or you don’t, it is not a completion its just a style!

If I was a visionary thinker, I would wake up every day with a better idea of the future and reassured in the certainty that I was right. Sadly I wold also have the anxiety that others are going to ‘borrow’ ‘ steal’ my great new idea and in interactions have to live with frequently being misunderstood!

Remember the letter ‘B’

Life has a certain pace, and for the lucky few – visionary thinkers –  that can leap ahead it can be a lonely journey. To go fast go alone, and to go far go together…What I always share with the many visionary thinkers is the letter ‘B’.

Like most people I am most comfortable going from A to B to C.  When  confronted with the leap of going straight from A to C; like most my nature is to resist! To make the journey easier for me and others I will ask of my visionary friends where is ‘B’.

The good news is you can’t really choose, you either are or you are not.  Over 30% of the participants in our surveys are indeed visionary thinkers. I occasionally see someone repeat the assessment 2, 3, even 4 times till they get a ‘desired’ outcome. What they have yet to understand is that the approach that took them to aspire to take the test multiple times to get the outcome they wanted – often – ‘visionary,’ is so far from the natural visionary thinking style, that they are actually exposing themselves rather than reassuring themselves.

If you are a Visionary thinker – remember to help the rest of us with ‘B’. If you are not but want to be, sorry my advice is, be yourself because everybody else is taken.  Please also read the Journey to genius guide.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

I love feedback so all your visionary thinkers out there please get in touch.