Journey skills

Always right?

Thx to Unsplash and Nick Fewings for this image.

I’m lucky, making mistakes is easy for me!  I am a lousy speller, poor at grammar (you may have noticed), I forget names and have such a big mouth that sometimes I can get both feet in there. The point is even though I don’t make mistakes on purpose, I accepted a long time ago that I make them anyway.

Sorry, my mistake, thank you, ….. or Oh Shit!…..let’s move on.

Some people, especially Visionary and Builder style thinkers think they are ‘Always right!’ they may change their minds, have a different opinion after reflection and then …they are right again! Of course this is a generalization and what I want to encourage you to do, on your personal Journey to Genius, is make mistakes, they are you friends. I accept falling over can be painful and as long as nothing breaks stand up and keep going.

Make mistakes – they are your friends not your enemy!

Mistakes attract an often unwarranted amount of attention and are often immediately interpreted with ooops – I’m better than you!

As a driver we try not to make mistakes and we always notice those of others – the ‘worse than us drivers’….How often do we notice the better than us drivers? …rarely, because it is so much easier to congratulate ourselves on our mastery and prove it, by pointing out those mistakes that the others make…

Look for insights and how to be better than the best.

To find ways for you to improve you need to look far beyond how others can improve. Please help them if you can and try hard not to judge them. We are never ‘Always Right!’ even if we think we are and can justify everything. The reason is in many situations there is no absolute right. What is right for you is not right for someone else. One direction may bring you opportunity and someone else challenges.

Yes I accept there is a proper way to spell a word and yet my British english and American english often compete with the spell checker for who is right!

Be right with others.

When you are right with others you have made progress, it may be a working compromise and this common right may take a bit of swallowing, and someone else may claim it was their idea and etc…What matters is you are advancing and not standing still. You are fueling your progress with learning and polishing your foggy lenses so you can see a brighter future more clearly.

TIP – Turn left occasionally to find your zone of genius.

The journey to Genius is a bumpy road and you will trip up, if you stumble a lot buy some knee pads (I have 3 pairs!)  safe travels – Michael