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All-Zone Thinkers

In the early days of this project we were sewing seeds. We could clearly identify the 60-70% of thinkers that intuitively fell into the four main EZOG thinking-style zones, but we also knew there would be overlaps. Over the years we have seen a few clear patterns emerge and one of them is the ‘all-zone thinkers.’ With 10,000 results in the database it is time to pick some fruit.

We found the ‘all-zone’ individuals to represent about 5% of the EZOG test takers. Recently we reached out to 500 of them to learn more about their thinking styles and what they do to discover their zone of genius. Just because they are multi-talented, they all, like the rest of us, have only two hands and 24 hours in each day.

You can’t do everything, even if you think you can!

Myth busters!

Our hypothesis for the last 6 years has been that individuals who were attracted to all zones would likely find it harder to focus. We expected the would likely get distracted by all of the ‘easy’ possibilities their talents could be suitably applied to. However, we found the following instead.

The survey showed the most common word they use to describe their thinking style is: Focused.

Many of these individuals do clearly see the world as filled with many possibilities, but they seek intelligent and grounded approaches to address their daily lives.

They apparently have a tendency to start with a Builder/Architect approach using analysis skills. This is also combined with a sensitive Cultivator approach, by listening attentively to the people around them.

Taking the time to explore all of the possibilities is a luxury that very rarely presents itself, so the time will come for them to move on. Our speculation was this group would sometimes struggle with regret of what they could and maybe should have done. However…

The survey showed they mainly see moving on as empowering and necessary.

My advice in the past to individuals with a balanced four-zone result has been that they are likely to need some external influences to hone in on their zone of genius. What do they like doing? When are they having fun? What are they doing or thinking about when they are in their zone?

From our follow-up findings with these individuals, my new advice to them will be to challenge themselves with more diverse situations. I will instead advise them to enjoy their ability to process the situation and to deliver a useful solution quickly, without having to be married to it. Many of these individuals will make excellent entrepreneurs and lead their team to rewarding success. We now encourage them more to seek Visionary thinkers, above all others, to complement their talents.

Always looking for feedback, I look forward to responding to yours.

I’d like to end this blog by sharing one of the many positive comments we received from the survey. We sincerely hope, like us, you are enjoying the fruit of our labor.

Anytime we get deeper insight into what makes us tick and what lights us up, it facilitates our growth. That has the potential to serve all of humanity. We need effective ways for receiving that deeper insight – thank you for creating one.