Journey to Genius

Aging vs Maturing

On November 15  –  2011 the ‘Entrepreneurial Zone of Genius’ assessment went live on the www.myezog site. After a year of pilot studies, interviews and collaborations with the help of the talented team at Idyllic Software the beta site was launched.

Over the last seven years little has changed, we tweaked the questions a couple of times and added reports and have collected LOTS of data. This is a testament to how well the site was build and how scalable the database is with now well over one Million data points

Websites and people ‘age’ and products can either age or mature, we believe that passing the 10,000 assessments milestone months ago graduated the EZOG assessment from its bata phase. The consistent results and perpetual positive feedback encouraging us to share and continue the journey.

Over the last 7 years we have had thousands of emails, comments and 1:1 exchanges. Below is one that to me summarizes exactly what we do, why we do it, how we are trying to help – and how much we are appreciated. We are very grateful for this individual who shared a piece of their journey with us:

Right now, I am dealing a lot with, how do I translate all I’ve learned into an implementation process that is enjoyable, meaningful, and easy to restructure on a dime, as needed.

I loved the assessment and report. I’m so curious about that 5% of people you tested who turned out to have equal parts of all the genius thinking styles. It just makes me wonder how that works out for them. It seems so ideal to be able to come up with something, design it, and get people on board to implement it. This makes me wonder what kinds of careers those people find themselves in and how they interact with the other styles.

I was talking with someone about what a difference that distinction between “conceiving” and “creating” made for me. It’s cool that your design team thought to separate those two actions out. I haven’t seen that on another test before. What I took away from it is that my real joy is going to be in the vision I can embody and hold for myself and others, more so than in the design and products I can offer. The design and products will just connect people with the vision.

It also makes it clear why I have stepped on board certain opportunities and not others. It’s like, if something is outside of the vision or not connected with the vision, my motor kind of stops working, and I just can’t. But if the vision is clear, and the opportunity directly connects, then I’m just like, YES. 

Helping individuals think about how they think is exactly our mission and aligned to our vision to activate individuals in their Zone of Genius.

Its been a very exciting 7 years and my special thanks to my co-founder Brian and a special mention to Jinesh, Ruby, Cathie, Karl and the numerous talented people that have helped a lot along the way.

I must admit that although I am aging – I’m seven years older! – My understanding on life and how people think is maturing. Both have a useful role to play. Aging reminds us of the need to constantly evolve and maturing inspires us to reap the rewards that only come with time. I see lots of opportunities to purposefully continue on this mission – Happy Birthday to EZOG.